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This visionary painting PELE’S LOVE, was created in the green and moist womb of the jungle and on the slopes of Haleakala, Maui, Hawaii. Haleakala, a majestic mountain, the house of the Sun, the valley of the Moon, that hides and protects a Goddess called Pele, born from the collective, imaginative mind of the People who came to these Islands, a very long time ago. Pele was born and reared from the hot and burning inner core of Mother Earth. Haumea is the name of her Hawaiian Mother who gave Pele an egg that she carried with her to the Big Island. Out of the egg was born Pele’s sister, Hiiaka, that became Pele’s favorite playmate

Pele is a fire keeper, comprehending the element of Fire, but she had not yet transcended anger and jealousy that causes much suffering. In the legends, due to Pele’s anger and jealousy, she destroys her sisters best friend, Hopoe, a great Hula dancer. In this way Pele harms her own sister, but the Love between the sisters is stronger. Pele heals her sister and they heal each other.

Therefore, I call this painting ‘Pele’s Love’; in which she is upholding her Mother’s gift, symbolizing Pele’s Love and victory over jealousy and anger.

Her bodily form is wild and free. The female body in ancient traditions was considered sacred, inspiring. It was not until women themselves were considered profane, that the female body was also considered shameful. Truth can not be concealed. Like fire, it is naked and intense.

Pele strides mysteriously through the volcanoes, holding her fire staff with which she stirs the fires, keeping them hot and burning. By holding the fire staff, she shows us that she has incorporated the masculine into herself. This energy is at her service. With this staff she has the power to stand alone. Behind her is one of the volcanoes in full splendor. Along her path grows her favorite berries, the red Ohelo berries.

Pele is also a star traveler and the egg is her space vehicle. The fire around the egg symbolizes wisdom that transcends duality.

In this painting her aspiration is to enter the realm of the Dakinis, female space-farers who embody emptiness, spiritual beings who fulfill enlightened activities; female tantric deities who protect and serve the upholders of Compassion and Wisdom. Dakinis transform ordinary experiences into higher spiritual paths, thereby preventing many daily problems and swiftly attain the ultimate happiness of full enlightenment.

As I travel through this blessed planet Earth, experiencing many spiritual traditions born from the collective longing and aspirations for happiness and freedom for all beings, I find myself painting visions that brings traditions together in playful ways, awakening healing and hope.


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