Hawaii, September 12, 2001

Dear Friends,

May Peace Prevail!

Early on September 10th, my daughter phoned me. She said, “Mom, last night I dreamt that a building collapsed over me. I was buried in the building. As they dug me out, I asked everyone: “Am I alive, am I alive?” and I was answered: “Yes, you are alive.”

The suffering of existence, ignorance, greed, hatred and pride suffocate the hearts of human beings. Blinded by ignorance, war lords are propagated, houses of patriarchal lords, devoid of mercy, the result of the self cherishing ego that gives no relief. World religions that has gone astray, where men forces their own mothers, sisters, wives to obedience, silencing the wisdom of the mothers. So they stand, these suffering sons with dark minds, stretching their arms, with swords and terrifying weapons, calling upon imaginary war lords that are only reflections of the inner inferno, devoid of compassion, devoid of the light of primordial Wisdom that teaches us that the happiness we seek can only be found within the goodness of our own heart. Thus we contemplate the immense primordial Love of all mothers and fathers that embrace all existence, spacious equanimity, beyond duality, the light of consciousness that guides all beings to enlightenment, our true home.

Will the world powers now finally understand that we can no longer rely on fossil fuel, the black gold that has made the global heartless oil corporations, immensely wealthy, able to carry out their threats to world peace. The industrial nations consume enormous quantities of oil. Greed have made many men lose their wisdom and compassion. The multi national corporations who are in charge of these oil empires have clearly known and seen, for a long time, the devastating effects of oil consumption on nature. The global warming, the loss of our smaller sisters and brothers, our magical and beautiful fauna of animals and plants. Nature, the whole earth is threatened. There has been many warnings. Nikola Tesla spoke clearly about these issues. He was silenced and his amazing discoveries and inventions of alternative, benevolent energies were stolen, disappeared. The same fate has befallen other scientists with similar capacities and aspirations. They have been pushed aside by the giant called “greed”. This is not a nation, a race, a religion, this is a poison of the mind and of the heart.

El Ultimo Lugar de las Corporaciones – Mexico 1970

Now we must pray and firmly make clear our intentions to change this devastating course. We must speak to political and religious leaders of the world, that the gifted scientists who has invented these highly accomplished and benevolent new sciences and are ready to share with humanity, must be supported and their inventions brought to world wide production immediately. This must be done in a skillful way. Not governed by greed but by generosity, wisdom and compassion for the benefit of all beings and our precious earth, our emerald green home embraced by vast space.

Pobresita Plata – Sweden 1967

Marianna at Copenhagen Climate Change Conference – Christiania, Denmark 2009:

Gracias a la Vida

Masters of War

Make haste sisters and brothers. Yes, we are alive.

Aloha from Esmeralda       Dakini@maui.net